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‘say no to fear’

‘Fear is the Thin Red Line’

   ‘Philia’ and ‘Phobia’ can never be good friends as the former means ‘Love’ and the latter means ‘Fear’. While Philia tends to nurture, Phobia tends to haunt. Apparently, phobia should be the wrecker for no act of kindness is ever wasted. Fear is an integral part of human life and has a psychological axe to grind. Everything starts at home and so does fear. The first seeds of fear are sown in the minds of the children by their parents. They tell about monsters and demons to their kids, much to their own imagination and thereby scare away the tiny tots. Such fear factors enable children to stick to their daily chores mechanically and any act of disobedience will be rectified with the help of these vile villains of no man’s land. In schools, the children are intimidated by the hard and fast rules of the teachers and sometimes harsh punishments lead to unexpected consequences. However, in the college days, the rambunctious teens seem to be less threatened by fear for this world is always an Aladdin’s cave for the teenagers. Once the mental maturity is attained, human minds adapt to beat the inner fears more effectively and intelligently. Man has never failed to adapt himself to the wishful world and it is forever the fear that pushes him hard to survive the worst and do the impossible. Thus fear comes to the rescue of man indirectly, but what if when the reality check is at peril? Can man come to the rescue of fear? If ‘Yes’ is going to be the answer for the above raised tricky question, then what will this inglorious demeanour bear upon the society?

‘Legends are born not made’. Not all are touted as champions in the pages of history. Only those who overcome fear and have total control over it become true masters of the world. History has its own role to play in inspiring the average to reach the top of the world. For instance, a soldier gets over his fear and sacrifices his life for the homeland. Here he becomes a true hero by his unmeasurable act of sacrifice. Likewise, when a spy gets the better of his inner fears and succeeds in his undercover mission, he becomes a superspy. The mission’s ultimate success lies in the safe return of the undercover agent to his den with the necessary secrets. If he can do the class act, then he becomes the real saboteur. The superspy who did his task is fortunate enough to escape the realities of fate and hence earns the image of a living legend. In both the cases, man subdues a nascent uprising of fear and ultimately ends up with eternal pride and glory. In the former event, the hardy soldier is dead, yet the aura attained by him posthumously is ageless and always remain etched in the annals of history. Fear is the thin red line that separates the usual ordinariness from an unusual charisma. Men of destiny choose to go it alone in order that they cross the thin red line by placing themselves in reasonable jeopardy. That’s why fear fears the fearless!

Ordinary men constantly lead a life which is vastly influenced by fear. They neither overcome fear nor succumb to it; instead they learn the art of befriending fear. They pile on the agony by saying ‘Life is laborious’. Such faint-hearted souls form the middle class of the society. This group of people dread the idea of dreaming big and thereby remain committed to the mundane affairs. The so called timid souls follow the secure path which strictly prohibits any drift beyond the thin red line. Hence, the preferred path neither leads to victory nor leads to defeat. Such people constitute the greater part of the society and they always look for able leaders to take them home. The leader is the favourite son who braves the odds and continues to guide his followers from the other side of the thin red line. The perfect plan should be the leader’s for the asking and the followers should embark upon it with blind obedience. Fortunately, the majority lives under the influence of fear and hence the nature confronts no dilemma while picking out the numero uno.

Evil never stops to beset this world and is invariably armed to the tooth to challenge the good. Evil brings iniquity in human minds and it grows only when fear overcomes man. The sky is the limit for fear and it jumps from one level to the other just as electrons in atoms jump to higher energy levels on excitation. The creeping fear is itself an illusion and the people in a delusional state incline themselves to find solutions for unknown problems. More often than not, the weak minds become victims of the exaggerated illusions which scare them off by the element of doubt. Such utter bewilderment drives man to come to the rescue of fear. Under these circumstances man helps fear to take the upper hand by yielding to it. The violent actors who spread terrorism in the name of holy war are mesmerized by fear to a greater extent such that they deliver a helping hand to the Cradle of Fear. These radical terror groups make a real faux pas by flirting with the notion of baseless fears which are indeed the exact product of illusions. An evil that exists always threatens for it is the general pattern of God’s creation that puts the superior general mankind to the test. So controlled aggression creates spaces for no fear zones and it’s up to us to let us not come to the rescue of fear.




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