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‘Learning English is so easy now a days………’

‘Language-Education and Technology’

    English is a language to be caught and not a language to be taught. It is true that the whole world remains hooked on its convenience and one can’t be left wanting for language proficiency in most situations. These days people, especially teenagers, try too hard and spend too much to improve their spoken English. They go to Spoken English Academy, lend their ears to Unprofessional Trainers and finally end up losing their money for nothing more than a mere certificate. Moreover, barely can one digest the fact that the Fast track courses in English are doing good to the forward-looking learners. Seems a good subject to gossip!!!

Why do the urban folks have to strain too much to speak better English, when the best English teacher is sitting beside them in the living room? Some easy help appears to be on from simple yet effective tools – Television, Computer and Headphone/Earphone. With these tools, the urban folks should have no problem dumping their spoken English courses to romance the world’s lingua franca. Obviously, it must be confusing to the readers, unless properly explained. Instead of spending the hard earned money in some untested spoken English courses, it is better to save them to buy a good earphone or a headphone. Still confusing??? Hey folks, nothing can be so useful as the contemporary English Channels to improve one’s language proficiency. There is no doubt in the fact that cable and dish T.V connections are a reliable entertaining friend of any urban dweller. Channels like the BBC, National Geographic Channel, CNNIBN, NDTV are all available in just one push of the button. It may be awkward to follow your favorite English channels in earphones but why not, if it does good to your spoken English? It is always better to use earphones/headphones(especially wireless) while hearing out these international channels for one can hardly expect to hear plain English in these international channels. Further, the aplomb with which these pay channels communicate, looks better than anything that the spoken English courses actually offer. Hence, these phenomenal hearing gadgets can do the utmost help to the  television viewers to clearly follow the word usage and accent. In addition, the subtitles provided by some movie channels like the HBO, Star movies also help the viewers to figure out the speedy conversations in the movies. However, it is always difficult to follow the subtitles while enjoying the movies and that’s where these hearing gadgets come in handy.

What comes next? Computers and laptops indeed spice up the lives of the urban folks. In the present days, all the premiere English movies and serials are available in the internet for free. May be some affordable learners can download these infotainments, not only to pass their times but also to improve their spoken English. So it’s time for the trend setters to use a simple gadget called the ‘               ‘ to improve their language skills. Probably, they can fill this blank space by now.



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