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I’d rather not support Arundhati Roy

This is with reference to the editorial aricle “I’d rather not be Anna” on page 8 of the Hindu daily dated 22nd August 2011. When people like Anna Hazare are trying to do something for the country, why are writers like Arundhati Roy trying to criticize them? Let me explain my views readers; One Anna Hazare will fight against corruption in India; by being inspired by him, another Anna Hazare among us will fight for the further cause of the people living in the Land of Gandhi. To find faults in a person who is trying to unite the nation for a noble cause is indeed a case of stupidity. The problem in India is that when personalities like Anna try to bring about a revolutionary change in the nation’s politics, certain other personalities try to criticize them for their own reasons. Obviously, this should not surprise us as certain crtics of this era believe crticizing people is same as criticizing a piece of literary work. What Anna Hazare achieved during the past few days is ‘no art or magic’ but a ‘reality’ that inspired numerous Indians to join hands for a single cause. What will anna Hazare gain by achieving popularuty at the age of above 70? This is my question and I hope, my question will make you question Arunrhati Roy’s views in a reputed daily like ‘The Hindu’.


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  1. Even people who thought that Civil Society cannot overrule Parliament were stunned by Saturday’s development. Yes, Anna’s fight got the light and we shall ignore the dark patches which will disappear on its own.

    August 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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