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‘India smiles when Tata shines’

Tata Motors has launched its new version of the car ‘Vista’ in the premium hatchback segment. It’s always good to see an Indian company competing with the other foreign companies in the booming Indian automobile market. Tata’s growth in the Indian Automobile Sector has been phenomenal and has always been a front-runner when it comes to technology and upgradation. With the introduction of ‘Vista’, the Tata’s have done their best to keep up its promise of ‘more car per car’ convincingly. Earlier, Tata’s takeover of the ‘Jaguar Land rover’ for 2.5 billion dollars from Ford Motor Co in June 2008 has added another feather in its cap. Tata has thus increased the fire power in its automobile wing and is expected to fire on all cylinders in the days to come. Kudos to RatanTata & team for strengthening its armoury and also for keeping the Indian flag flying high in the Indian way………


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  1. I went thru your excellent one which was ultimately good enough. Do it again and again….Vinoth kumar asked me to read ur story…even he does not tend to deliver such kind of things he motivates the same of others..u must thank him

    September 21, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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