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‘SEAT’ and BMW ‘MINI’ is all set to hit Indian roads

So, what is it about driving cars on Indian roads that makes it all the more addictive? There’s something really satisfying about owning a car in India and let’s have a look at it. India, which is one of the largest exporters of automobiles in Asia, has provided a breeding ground for many international car brands. It is indeed the country’s strong engineering base and skills in manufacturing fuel-efficient low-cost cars that has attracted world-class automobile companies to Indian market. Some of the major auto manufacturers that have expanded their manufacturing facilities in India are Nissan, Hyundai Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Suzuki and the like. Foreign car companies are gung ho about their entry into the Indian market and the trend has only gotten showier and bigger over the years. Such a flashy trend, which is coming forward in a big way, has also set the tone for the entry of two new car brands into the highly competitive Indian car market. It may be surprising to hear this but it is indeed going to happen in India in the days to come. What??? Can’t wait to hear the names of the two brands!!! Here it is folks…..One is the ‘SEAT’ brand of the Volkswagen Group and the other is the BMW small luxury car ‘MINI’. While the Spanish brand ‘SEAT’ is known for its distinctive styling and Mediterranean character, the BMW ‘MINI’ is known for its rigidity, impenetrable passenger compartment and low NVH(Noise, Vibrations and Harshness) The ‘SEAT’ brand is expected to introduce two models in India – the Ibiza hatchback and the Alhambra MPV. Obviously, there’s a lot to tell about BMW too. BMW will start with two ‘MINI’ dealerships in India, one in Delhi and the other one in Mumbai and later it will slowly expand its distribution network. So, what’s holding you back from buying that dream car??? Just take a test drive and add the much-needed flair to your urban lifestyle!!!!


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