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The 25th and the 26th hour

I was actually wondering the what ifs of time,
What if I had two hours extra in a day?
Obviously, it would give you me an opportunity to play out something different.
What is it all about playing out something different?
It’s the first two hours of the next day, I mean;
But, you get to relish the first two hours of the next day on the very same day;
While the clocks ought to do some overtime,
I would name the extra two hours as the 25th and the 26th hour.
The spill out from the extra two hours,
Actually means more than what meets my eyes,
Not only to me but for everyone is an obvious point of explanation.
It’s up to me to decide what I should do in the 26 hour time table,
For the first 24 hours, everything would be the same.
It is indeed inevitable that a split second can make all the difference,
And so, I’ve got to make the best use of the imaginary 120 minutes.
I would prefer washing my dirty denims in the extra time offered,
for I’m still a college teen guarded by a hostel warden.
Hope, ‘Surf Excel’ would come to my rescue,
with all its power packed ingredients that is tough on stains.
‘Let dreams grow on you and it’s only once you dream that,
you realise how much more the 25th and the 26th hour really has to offer’.

This is the poem composed by me for the Surf Excel Blogging Contest and the contest topic is “If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?”


One response

  1. vels

    machi super da
    the way ur surf excel rids off ur wardens has fun in it………..

    December 21, 2011 at 7:29 am

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