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Thrash Metal King Metallica

This post is all about Metallica band and its glorious contribution to the rock music(Thrash/Speed Metal).

Metallica must be considered one of the most well-known metal bands ever, with their work in the 80’s in particular receiving accolades as amongst the finest metal works ever recorded. Formed in 1981 by the duo of James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, their youthful energy quickly gained them an incredible underground following, with their debut Kill ‘Em All being one of the most anticipated underground releases of the era. And it did not disappoint — arguably one of the first true thrash albums, it jumpstarted a thrash scene that would last for years to come. With each succeeding release their popularity grew, and with the release of 1986’s Master Of Puppets (one of the most popular thrash albums of all time), it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before true worldwide fame would be theirs. They suffered a tremendous setback when bassist Cliff Burton was killed in a tour bus accident, but even that did not slow them down, as they recruited new bassist Jason Newsted and continued growing with 1988’s …And Justice For All.

The rise of Metallica to superstardom culminated in 1991 with the release of their self-titled album, also famously known as the Black Album. While the momentum of the past decade insured its success (and successful it was, reaching Number 1 and selling over seven million copies in the US alone), a chasm started to develop between the hardened early thrash fans and the mainstream audience that welcomed the “new” Metallica. This chasm was widened with 1996’s Load, which saw the band further delving into mainstream hard rock and greatly lessening their thrash roots. Indeed, many early fans gave up on the band completely, but their mainstream popularity had risen to true superstar status by this After spending the last few years touring and recording miscellaneous projects such as the S&M band + orchestra collaboration, they have finally completed a new album, the first in five years (and their first without Newsted, who amicably left the band in 2001, and is now in Voivod). St. Anger, has received several varied reviews thus far, and shall be reviewed here in the near future.

In 2000, Metallica discovered that a demo of their song I Disappear had been floating across the Napster file-sharing network. They soon discovered that, in addition to the demo, their entire catalogue was also freely available. The band immediately set out to sue Napster and, in the process, asked that 300,000 Napster users found to be trading Metallica songs be banned from the network. They also sued Yale University, University of Southern California, and Indiana University for not blocking Napster from their campuses. In 2001, Metallica and Napster agreed to an out-of-court settlement which did led to many Napster user accounts being locked out. The band did not take action to sue any individuals for copyright infringement.

Nevertheless, the controversy created a public relations nightmare. Throughout the controversy, many websites hosted Flash cartoons parodying Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield as selfish and stupid rock stars, completely out of touch with their fans. The most popular of these was Napster Bad!, by Camp Chaos, which spawned an entire series.

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So folks, it’s indeed fun to hear Metallica anytime in your life. Obviously it should be for they are one of the greatest metal bands on this planet!!!!



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