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Death Metal & Grindcore Band – ‘Cannibal Corpse’


Now it’s time for some death metal. This post is about the death metal American band ‘Cannibal Corpse’. The band’s profile is given below.

Cannibal Corpse are considered to be an important figure in the death metal genre, and they are one of its most commercially successful bands.

Chris Barnes was the vocalist, lyricist, and a large part of the creative force of the band on their first four albums. He was asked to leave the band because of increasingly poorer vocal performances and attitude issues, NOT because he spent too much time on his side project band Six Feet Under.

Because of various complaints from teachers and parents who claimed Cannibal Corpse would be dangerous to children, the band had not been allowed to play any song from the first three albums live in Germany until the ban was officially lifted in June 2006.

In the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jim Carrey opted to put his favorite band, Cannibal Corpse, into the movie; they appear in the scene where Ace goes to meet Woodstock, on stage playing the song “Hammer Smashed Face”, and again in an extended scene in which a shirtless Ace, running from security, leaps onstage, performs a few lines from the song and crowd-surfs out of the venue. However, due to the explicit lyrics in the song, television captions shows then-lead singer Chris Barnes singing “grr!” over and over. The band is also incorrectly listed in the credits as “Cannibal Corpses”, and that they are a “thrasher band”. The scene can be seen here.

A common rumor regarding the original logo is that Chris Barnes, the one who drew the logo, claims to have rights to its use, and following his departure from the band, a new logo was designed. This is also why newer reissues of the albums featuring Chris Barnes often have the newer logo on them than the original logo from the albums.

Alex Webster came up with the name for the band and describes a Cannibal Corpse as “an undead corpse that’s going to eat you” in the Centuries of Torment DVD.

There is a parody band of Cannibal Corpse, Cannabis Corpse.


Studio albums


Amateurs may not be comfortable with death metal. But once they get used to it, they are going to love it………….


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