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The 25th and the 26th hour

I was actually wondering the what ifs of time,
What if I had two hours extra in a day?
Obviously, it would give you me an opportunity to play out something different.
What is it all about playing out something different?
It’s the first two hours of the next day, I mean;
But, you get to relish the first two hours of the next day on the very same day;
While the clocks ought to do some overtime,
I would name the extra two hours as the 25th and the 26th hour.
The spill out from the extra two hours,
Actually means more than what meets my eyes,
Not only to me but for everyone is an obvious point of explanation.
It’s up to me to decide what I should do in the 26 hour time table,
For the first 24 hours, everything would be the same.
It is indeed inevitable that a split second can make all the difference,
And so, I’ve got to make the best use of the imaginary 120 minutes.
I would prefer washing my dirty denims in the extra time offered,
for I’m still a college teen guarded by a hostel warden.
Hope, ‘Surf Excel’ would come to my rescue,
with all its power packed ingredients that is tough on stains.
‘Let dreams grow on you and it’s only once you dream that,
you realise how much more the 25th and the 26th hour really has to offer’.

This is the poem composed by me for the Surf Excel Blogging Contest and the contest topic is “If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?”


Online shopping at its best:

With each day, good grows into better, then transforms into best and obviously, that’s the way to explain the sudden growth of online shopping these days. Online shopping, which is getting bigger, faster and snazzier, has made shopping look so easy. For ‘die-hard’ shopping freaks, online shopping is like finding Superman’s Kryptonite.

So, what’s your view about online shopping??? Is it a boon or bane???

‘SEAT’ and BMW ‘MINI’ is all set to hit Indian roads

So, what is it about driving cars on Indian roads that makes it all the more addictive? There’s something really satisfying about owning a car in India and let’s have a look at it. India, which is one of the largest exporters of automobiles in Asia, has provided a breeding ground for many international car brands. It is indeed the country’s strong engineering base and skills in manufacturing fuel-efficient low-cost cars that has attracted world-class automobile companies to Indian market. Some of the major auto manufacturers that have expanded their manufacturing facilities in India are Nissan, Hyundai Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Suzuki and the like. Foreign car companies are gung ho about their entry into the Indian market and the trend has only gotten showier and bigger over the years. Such a flashy trend, which is coming forward in a big way, has also set the tone for the entry of two new car brands into the highly competitive Indian car market. It may be surprising to hear this but it is indeed going to happen in India in the days to come. What??? Can’t wait to hear the names of the two brands!!! Here it is folks…..One is the ‘SEAT’ brand of the Volkswagen Group and the other is the BMW small luxury car ‘MINI’. While the Spanish brand ‘SEAT’ is known for its distinctive styling and Mediterranean character, the BMW ‘MINI’ is known for its rigidity, impenetrable passenger compartment and low NVH(Noise, Vibrations and Harshness) The ‘SEAT’ brand is expected to introduce two models in India – the Ibiza hatchback and the Alhambra MPV. Obviously, there’s a lot to tell about BMW too. BMW will start with two ‘MINI’ dealerships in India, one in Delhi and the other one in Mumbai and later it will slowly expand its distribution network. So, what’s holding you back from buying that dream car??? Just take a test drive and add the much-needed flair to your urban lifestyle!!!!

Hey Yo Yo, it’s Qvendo

Of the many popular online shopping centres,
This one is special for it is called the ‘Qvendo’.
Sometimes, one becomes too busy to shop online,
But not this time as it is a life changing experience.
Yes, the Valentino black shirt gave the perfect start,
Indeed the best start to my online shopping campaign.
Then came the Bogner multi-coloured striped shirt,
It certainly brought a welcoming smile on my face.
Not only did I add the Armani jeans – windbreaker;
but also the polished Calvein Klein black belt to my kitty.
You would have to take a day off to buy CK Flat crossover,
But here I was just a click away from buying it.
The Tommy Hilfiger sack coat was certainly a coat worth purchasing,
And so, I didn’t want to miss it at any cost.
I could still feel the greedy air irritating my nose,
Alas! The Hugo Boss black – grey shade goggles became a prey to it.
It was all part of the glorious online shopping experience,
And so was this – Bogner jeans Lenny and Arqueonautus grey sweat jacket.
My final pick with just a click was the Tommy Hilfiger black purse;
the total bill was somewhere around forty one thousand,
But still I was laughing in front of my laptop screen.
What better way to spend dad’s money than this?
That was the ‘must ask’ question to my friends circle;
to which they had no answer but looked at me with a very curious face.
I said, “There is nothing Qvendo can’t give you;
So, better click the link – http://qvendo.com/vip/indianbloggers”
Only here, everything gets started in your way, in the Qvendo way!


Beauty & Peace

All that you tell, all that you sell,
doesn’t make my hair look well.
I always do things ‘the Natural Way’,
obviously the way that saves my day.
Home made shikakai is mom’s special,
her special indeed fills my tiny vessel.
Now that I’m in foreign land,
I miss mom’s favourite.
Went in search of a real substitute,
in the land of no shikakai.
At last found the perfect alternative,
that is so reliable as mom’s hair care tips.
I see mom’s ever handy miracle,
in this far off land of modernity .
It’s called the ‘Dove’ here –
Truly the bird that spreads peace,
adds beauty to my hair now.
thank God I’m not lost in this strange land.

The grip of Football in Indian sports arena

Football isn’t instantly loveable, especially in a country like India where the game of cricket has got its solid grip over the Indian sports arena. A year ago, Venk’s (Venkateshwara Hatcheries group) acquired the ownership of English Premier League (EPL) club Blackburn Rovers. It feels great to see an Indian company owning a premier football club in foreign soil; that too owning a club in a country like Great Britain (which once ruled India) should obviously bring a lot of pride to India. But one must also have to think about the state of Indian Football. “Cricket stadiums in India never get to see silent spectators – that’s cricket at its best; football stadiums in India never even get to see spectators – that’s football at its worst”. The Indian Football is already enmeshed in a quicksand of depression and hence the present situation can’t be allowed to drag on. The dismal state of the Indian Football should have to be taken care of, ironically if not by the government, then at least by the leading businessmen of India. It’s good to see the Indian business community promoting the ‘beautiful game’ football in foreign lands; but it will be better to see them promoting the same game in India by starting football academies; why not, if it’s good for Indian football? (Given the sorry state of the beautiful game in India) The TATA Group has the Tata Football Academy (Jamshedpur) in its pocket. Hope, the other big business groups in India, will come to the rescue of the ailing Indian Football by grooming potential young talents.

Indian Grand Prix is all set to come alive

The big question among the F1 fans at this momentous time of the year is ‘Will Indian Grand Prix get off to a sunny start?’ The inaugural Indian Grand Prix, which is said to be the 17th race of the 2011 Formula One season, will take place on October 30, 2011 at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. A galaxy of stars and their respective FI teams will be heading to India to compete in the Airtel Grand Prix of India. Indian F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan is also expected to get back in the cockpit for ‘Hispania Racing Car’ team in the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. Let’s hope that the ‘Son of Soil’ does well in this World Class event. Further, the Indian F1 team ‘Force India’, co-owned by Vijay Mallya will also be taking part in this esteemed sporting event. The F1 race is known to engage attention across the world and moreover, the inaugural Indian Grand Prix has given India a real chance to make headway in the Formula One world. The Indian sporting arena is no longer confined to any particular sport and is sincerely striving hard to adapt itself to modernity. The Airtel Indian Grand Prix is India’s debut F1 race. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that the international event would generate large sums of revenue through advertisements for the Indian government. The biggest heavy metal and nine-time Grammy award winning rock band ‘Metallica’ will be the star attraction at the event. With Metallica’s presence, the event can’t get better. So folks, let’s feel the heat of Indian Grand Prix in the ‘Indian way’, in the ‘Metallica Way’.